We are an industry leader in providing certification

A Kova certification is backed by superior service, knowledge, record keeping, and unrivaled engineering expertise supported by 30+ years of history as The Crane Bureau™.  Since 1989, The Crane Certification Bureau™ has set the standard for crane inspection and certification across Canada.

We will work with you to ensure your fleet is in accordance with the applicable regulations and standards. Whether it’s for your cranes and lift equipment or other heavy machinery that you depend on, we are ready to provide the required certification to extend the service life and keep your equipment operating safely.

We continually educate our team on the changes to regulations, guidelines, and inspection techniques to ensure we are the leaders in our field. Our qualified team of Professional Engineers will create a customized inspection plan for your equipment. The inspection plan will encompass Kova’s methods to inspect, repair, and complete the certification process.

Top Three Benefits of a Kova Certification

Providing you professional service on a personal level

Helping you to understand the requirements, codes and standards

Giving you support when the manufacturer is unavailable

Certification process


If you have equipment that has never been rated or engineered, we can provide assessments, engineered documents, and drawings you require to get you back to work.

We will assist you to meet the manufacturer’s recommendations. Our Inspectors and Engineers are known for going above and beyond. If the manufacturer of your equipment cannot assist you, our team of Professional Engineers can provide technical knowledge, repair procedures, and modifications.