Metallurgical Engineering

Our metallurgical and material expertise covers multiple industries, applications, and client needs. We provide guidance to our clients as to which testing procedure best suits their requirements. We also assist in developing custom testing procedures to address special requirements. Our team possesses the applied industrial experience, knowledge, and capabilities to provide clear and concise answers.

Our Engineers have experience in determining and specifying the appropriate process for your build, repair, or modification including:

  • Material Selection
    • Low Carbon Steels
    • High Carbon Steels
    • Castings (Iron and Steel)
    • Stainless and Non-Ferrous Metals
  • Heat Treating and Surface Hardening (Stress Relieving and Annealing)
  • Material Chemistry
  • Welding Procedures
    • Pre-Heat and Post-Heat
    • Joint Preparation and Distortion Control
    • Electrode Selection (SMAW, FCAW, GMAW)
  • Hardness Testing
    • Brinell
    • Rockwell