Civil Engineering

Our team of Engineers have a diverse background in mechanical, civil, and metallurgical engineering. Our civil engineering department was built to integrate civil and mechanical disciplines to offer solutions that bring value to your projects. Our ability to understand the dynamic and static elements of your project sets us apart from other civil engineering firms.

Crane Placement and Foundation Design

We excel in crane placement and foundation design due to the combination of our civil engineering expertise and expansive knowledge in all types of cranes. Our team of qualified civil engineers understand what’s required and will work alongside you to figure out the best options for your project. We will assess foundation reaction forces, soil conditions, and other site-specific factors to develop rock-solid foundation designs.


  • Shoring – Temporarily supporting your buildings, structures, trenches, or total project.
  • Reshoring – Supporting your concrete to let your project grow.
  • Formwork – Designs to mold your project.
  • Scaffolding – Helping you to climb to new elevations.
  • Swing stage/Suspended Scaffolding – Supporting your people.
  • Material Racking & Mezzanines – Supporting your products.

We work with you to identify your precise requirements and offer viable solutions to meet your unique needs. It is important to us that you are confident with our services to design, support, and elevate your project. When working with you, our team’s experience and expertise will ensure a final design that meets your requirements in a timely manner and within budget.

We will help you raise your crane to new heights:

  1. Select the right crane for the job
  2. Find the best location for your crane
  3. Determine the erection/dismantling process
  4. Review bearing capacities and reaction forces
  5. Design the crane foundation or pads
  6. Integrate tie-back design and determine location
  7. Place your crane above grade
  8. Design the shoring required to support your crane on slab

If you need to support your tower crane or self-erecting crane, contact us today to speak with a Professional Engineer that can deliver on crane placement and foundation design.