Kova Engineering believes in providing you with the highest quality of service, satisfying your need for inspections, certifications, and engineering services. Kova will aid you in creating and managing a preventative maintenance program, including managing documentation and organizing an inspection schedule to ensure expectations and timelines are met. The goal of a preventative maintenance program is to increase productivity while maintaining the safety of all workers working on or around the equipment.

Build and implement your program with us:

Review manufacturer, local, and federal requirements. Outline the criteria.

Define the goals for a sustainable preventative maintenance program.

Create a comprehensive program encompassing structural, mechanical, and controls.

Execute inspection, certification, and engineering to meet your goals.

Inform you of the goals achieved within your program.

Manage and provide you with all information on your program, in real time.

Kova Engineering will assist you in creating a comprehensive preventative maintenance program certified by our Professional Engineers. The inspection timelines will be based on fracture mechanics and an acceptable risk approach in conjunction with the manual’s requirements. The inspection points are derived from the manufacturer’s requirements and Kova’s extensive experience with structural inspections of in-service equipment. Non-destructive testing will be used on all required areas regardless of a potential indication. The combination of these inspection timelines and methods will promote longevity and reliable equipment.

Sharing your responsibility of scheduling, documenting and managing

Kova’s goal is to assist you with managing your evolving fleet of equipment to ensure you are always in compliance. We will achieve this by providing professional but personal service including a single point of contact that understands your needs and equipment. As your needs and requirements change, we will adapt by remaining flexible and attentive. Kova is always working to be transparent; we will have all digital documents available for you at any time. We will track and monitor your timelines and provide you with regular updates. We understand that you rely heavily on your equipment so our goal is to assist you with managing your preventative maintenance program.


Kova Engineering ensures quality control from start to finish. Our field technicians communicate with the client at the job site to ensure the scope of work is defined and understood. From there, our technicians communicate directly with the Engineer to define the correct method and discuss any discontinuities that are found throughout the inspection. The Engineer provides guidance to the technicians to monitor, measure, and analyze all situations and continually build skill sets.

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