Kova values
Kova Values

Kova’s Core Values

Seven core values define Kova:

Excellence, Integrity, Respect, Agility, Honesty, Loyalty, and Hard Work.

1. Excellence means

We are driven to achieve the highest standards of quality.

Every day, we’re trying to be better than we were yesterday.


2. Integrity means

We earn people’s trust every day by being consistent, dependable, trustworthy, and uncompromising in our commitments.

We are who we say we are.


3. Respect means

We value people by being open, listening carefully, and treating everyone the same, whether co-workers or clients.

Good listening goes a long way. It adds value to the work we do.


4. Agility means

We are lean by design, hungry to learn, prepared, responsive, and highly flexible in delivering our services.

I learn something new every day because every day is different.


5. Honesty means

We are truthful, careful, faithful, and straightforward in all of our communication.

Our word is our bond.

(Kova’s Credo)

6. Loyalty means

We never leave anyone behind, because we take care of each other and our customers.

No one is just a number. Everyone matters. Everyone belongs.


7. Hard Work means

We are tenacious and committed in getting the job done and doing it in a way that pays careful attention to the smallest details.

Our customers love us because we finish what we start; we get the work done and we get it done properly, every time.